Voluntary Benefits

Be appreciated by your employees-Voluntary insurance policies assist your employees to maintain their independence during health hardships. Moreover, they help you, the employer, retain and attract top-notch employees. Voluntary Benefits increase benefit freedom and employee choice-helping you meet the demand for greater benefit choices. Through voluntary benefits, employees can take advantage of the opportunity to complement or expand existing benefits they feel best suit their individual needs.

No matter what your role in a company -- benefits administrator/manager, human resources manager, payroll contact -- you can offer your employees an expanded benefits program without incurring prohibitive costs. By so doing, you present more benefits choices to employees at payroll rates. We can help you fortify any benefits program by offering your employees a wide variety of payroll deduction insurance policies that they choose, pay for, and control.

Many employers across the United States participate in a voluntary benefits program or offer the policies through cafeteria plans. A cafeteria plan is a written benefit plan maintained by an employer for the benefit of its employees. Employers can strengthen benefits packages and provide employees access to the power of pre-tax dollars, allowing them to pay some of their benefits, pre-tax. Some plans are portable while other cease when an individual's employment is terminated.

Group Voluntary Term Life

Valuable coverage at affordable group rates with optional Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.

Group Voluntary STD and LTD

Can replace income if employee is disabled due to injury or sickness.

Group Voluntary Cancer

The purpose of this insurance is to provide financial assistance for cancer-related expenses. Voluntary Cancer and specified disease coverage in a group policy; multiple diseases are covered.

Group Voluntary Dental

Voluntary benefits for dental permit the organization to offer those employees who are interested in dental benefits an extremely valuable resource. It enables employees and their families to receive comprehensive dental care providing assistance in meeting a variety of preventive, basic and major dental procedures. Some plans do not require you to choose a dentist while other plans require choosing an in-network dentist.

Group Voluntary Accident Plan

Voluntary accident plans are included in the listing of benefits you may offer. This plan is designed to provide employees and their dependents with added financial security if they or a covered family member suffers a covered loss or dies as a result of an accident.
Many policies include Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Hospital Confinement, Dislocation & Fracture, Ambulance Services, and Medical Expenses. Some carriers permit you to add optional Disability riders for Accident and Sickness to the policy, making it an economical way to include disability coverage.

Group Voluntary Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Referred to as Group SHOP, (Supplemental Health Options Policy), it's a plan that the employer builds to help satisfy their employee's needs. It provides extra protection for unexpected hospital expenses. The base policy pays predetermined amounts for covered hospital, outpatient and physician services. The employer can tailor the plan to fit their employee's needs by adding other benefits that pay predetermined amounts. Available options include a Diagnostic benefit, a Preventative "Wellness" benefit, a Prescription Drug benefit, Short Term Disability (employee only), Term Life Insurance, and/or Dental benefits. The employee can choose to purchase coverage for themselves or their entire family.