Customer Service

The Leff Company benefit specialists' priority is to serve the needs of our clients. This includes helping to resolve claims issues, assisting employees and their families in finding providers and aiding them in navigating their way through the bureaucracy and complexity of today's healthcare system. Moreover, the Leff Company maintains an employee advocacy toll-free hotline staffed by an experienced employee benefits counselor whose primary function is to answer questions pertaining to the design of their health plan and how to negotiate the healthcare system.

One of the personalized services we offer is a dedicated benefit specialist for each specific client, so there is always someone on hand who is well-informed and familiar with a client's account even when the broker is unavailable. Your broker leads the team of benefits specialists, consisting of field representatives and internal client service professionals trained in all aspects of your account.

All service calls are documented and detailed reports are generated. This tracking mechanism allows us to not only provide a record of response turn-around time and issue resolution, but also to identify recurring problems with specific carriers.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email our benefit specialists.