Brokerage & Procurement

As a result of the Leff Company's collective purchasing power, we are able to secure excellent rates and offer superior financial services for our clients. Because of the large volume of our turnover in the insurance industry, our clients save valuable dollars and bolster their benefit plans by joining their buying power with ours.

Our leveraged buying enables us to:

  • Deliver cost-efficient options during the market assessment process
  • Obtain rate concessions and favorable underwriting considerations
  • Motivate insurance vendors to provide performance driven results, analysis
  • Conduct plan performance evaluations for multiple clients at reduced expense
  • Convey collective client concerns to the insurance industry.

Enjoy peace of mind. Allow us to simplify your involvement in the brokerage and procurement process so you can concentrate on other strategic priorities. The Leff Company is dedicated to finding new ways to maximize the effectiveness of your benefit plans at a lower overall cost to you.